One Plan, brought to you by Ammonia Safety Training Institute, is a 30 minute Incident Action Plan for an emergency response team to utilize during an emergency at a facility with a potential chemical outbreak.

One plan: what it takes


The emergency contacts and call-outs that need to be notified during an emergency can be added to your dashboard. During an emergency, these contacts will be sent an automated message to notify them of an event.


Four command positions are uniquely critical to the outcome of an incident. By following incident procedure, these four team members are responsible for life safety, evacuation, emergency response notification, and resolution of the incident.


The Master Map identifies the various hazard zones within the plant and nine special emphasis maps that provide insight about utilities, monitoring systems, medical and decontamination stations, downwind and downstream control issues.


There are four color-coded phases of emergency response: Blue -Discovery, Green- Initial Response, Red – Sustained Response, and Orange – Termination of the emergency event.


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